trying to say more with less

1-Our fictions are only as interesting as the possible truths behind them.

2-"The strength of the character's wants equals the strength of the play." (Frank Hauser)

3-First, there's the loss of naivete. Of realizing that so many hopes and and perceptions were so different from reality. Realizing your parents are flawed human beings too. That the person you'll marry won't be everything and more, but also human and imperfect. That no matter how hard you try, you'll never be able to always be happy and have everything you want all the time.
And then you move on. And realize that you don't really need those things. That life is glorious even with all it's imperfections and disappointments amidst the occasional triumph.
Things become even better then.
This is gratitude: realizing the true value of things without comparing them endlessly to the mint-condition gold standard ideal. Loving in spite of imperfection

4-There's never enough time. And that's ok.

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elisa bushman said...

Your blog is seeming a little lame... but I think it is good. I have a theory that your blog is a meter of depression. love you.