3 for Free!

So I somehow managed to finish writing a full one-act play. And somehow they decided to produce it and let me direct.
Come see the finished product tonight! I'm pleased as punch and think you will be too!

The Death of Pericles

I put on my vinyl maroon armor for the last time today. Mark played the piano backstage before the show and his Ben Folds anthems were a perfectly fitting soundtrack for what has turned out to be one of the most epic theatre experiences I have had thus far. 

It all started back in June. I don't think any of us had any idea what we were really getting ourselves into. And looking  back, I'm still not sure that I can really wrap my head around what just happened:
8 Cast Members
Nearly 4 months of Bi-weekly shows.
Roughly 1,250 Miles on the road.
At least 200 tacos from Taco Bell. (costing nearly $1000)
1 Cast member replacement
36 performances.
1 Broken leg.
About 12,000 Elementary aged kids with (hopefully) a greater appreciation for Shakespeare.

Considering the fact that most shows I have done before have run for maybe twelve performances at the longest--this is epic. And I've loved it. I've always worried that I'd never be able to hack it doing the same show over and over again. I wondered if it would get boring or stale--but somehow, I enjoyed every performance. Even on crutches.