Sic Gloria Transit or Why I Like Wes Anderson

Wes Anderson makes movies that know they're movies and aren't afraid to let you in on the secret.
I like that.
If you haven't already, get out and see Fantastic Mr. Fox. It's one of the most clever, well-crafted movies I've seen in a long time.
The writing is understated and witty, the design is impeccable, and somehow, even though they're stop-motion puppets, the characters are superbly acted--Really sort of mind-blowing.
Kudos Mr. Anderson. Now take a bow and get cracking on the next one.

Dear Glass Family: Please Invite Me To Your Next Reunion

I just read that composer Phillip Glass and radio personality Ira Glass of 'This American Life' are cousins.
Who else have they got hiding out in that family tree? Buddy? Seymour? Franny and Zooey?
Was J.D. Salinger actually writing non-fiction?

Grassroots Strikes Again!

Nov. 21st
9 pm
Nelke Theatre--BYU
Admission: Free!