"Where have you been?" she exclaimed, spilling the armful of books she had been carrying with a cascade of paperback thumps on the pavement.

He felt sheepish and could do little more than shrug quizzically in response while walking over to help her with the mess.
But they were happy to see one another just the same.

For those who stop by every now and again to have a look in this peephole of my brain, it must appear to you that nothing much is happening. It seems I have not been entertaining visitors in quite some time.

But I am happy to report that good things are happening!

Come see my play: Pericles

Intrigue, Famine, Murder, Pirates, Shipwreck, Love, Jousting, and Adventure--all packed into a one hour adaptation of Shakespeare's lively Romance. It's theatre especially adapted for young audiences, but the humor and brillant direction from Chris Clark is certainly not lost on the more mature members of the audience.
ps--I get to play Pericles. How cool is that?
Or, if you catch "Seussical: The Musical" at the SCERA theatre, you will get a good eyeful of my handiwork. I did props for the show--watch out for the Pillberry Bush that Gertrude McFuzz steals from--my pride and joy for this show.
Coming up next month will be another terrific and innovative piece of theatre from Chris Clark--a stage adaptation of the 1922 classic film "Nosferatu" just in time for Halloween. I put together the storyboards that will be used as blueprints for the show--so while you won't actually see any of my work on stage, it's a project that I am really excited about and was grateful to be a part of. I have not been this
excited to see a play in a long time.
Also next month, we start rehearsals for Shakespeare's "Twelfth Night" at UVU--I'll be playing Count Orsino. More details to come on that one.
In the meantime, school is going well, and one of my youth theatre classes will be going down to compete in the Utah Shakespearean Festival competition at the end of the week--I wish I could go with them, but Pericles conflicts.
I'm also working on writing a play for the New Script Workshop at UVU. More details as that develops.
And my roomates are really awesome. Carl is studying Italian and Physics, Andrew is a History Major, and Joseph is in Music with an emphasis in Vocal Performance--Opera. He practices every morning in the shower and I love it.