I am OK. My car is not.

And I'm really grateful for airbags.

I was the caboose on a four car pile-up on I-15 today. The car in front of me came to a stop very quickly and three seconds later so did I. Plowed into the car in front of me at about 50 mph.
I feel lucky to have escaped virtually unscathed. Things could have been so much worse.

This Kills Me

In a good way. Check it out:

silla-viento-peces from nick dangerfield on Vimeo.

Also, school is killing me.
In a bad way.

The Virtues of Brevity

I'm trying to come to grips with the fact that there's never enough time to say everything I'd like to have said.
But maybe there's something beautiful about that. Maybe certain things are better left under-said, or unsaid entirely.
That way, there's always more. More to say and more to hear.
Sometimes, enough really is more than enough.

A Good Day

Today, like most days in my life as of late, was a good day. Here's why:

-Directing Class: My favorite class this semester. Also, as far as performance classes go, there is usually ample opportunity for criticism and jockying--but there has been refreshingly little of that in this class. Everyone seems genuinely kind and supportive of one another's efforts. Such a great class.

-Rehearsal: With Jake Suazo, Jaclyn Hales, and Jana Grass. I have secret crushes on all of them. Awesome cast.

-Rehearsal: for 'The Dumb Waiter'. Scott is a great director and our rehearsals are always really productive. Also, acting with Josh French is a blast--I think he's sort of genius.

-Company Call: Scott Stringham and I were announced as co-recipients of the study abroad directing scholarship. We'll be collaborating on an adaptation of Nathaniel Hawthorne's short story 'Rappacini's Daughter' to take to the international Fringe Festival in Edinburgh Scotland next summer. Wahoo!
Also, I officially received an Irene Ryan nomination for my role in 'Twelfth Night' last year.
Last but not least, my final project from Directing was selected as a showcase piece for Company Call. Jake, Jana, and Jaclyn brought the house down with their performance. They say 90% of a director's job is good casting, and it's absolutely true--so ultimately I feel really lucky to have such talented friends.

-Elisa: drove down from Salt Lake to see the performance at Company Call, which is really sweet considering the fact that she's in the middle of studying for finals at med school. That really meant a lot to me.

Four Seasons: After Company Call, Elisa and I went for dinner at Four Seasons Hot Pot and Dumpling. It's a little hole-in-the-wall chinese place on University, and lately, Elisa's favorite. She was really excited because the cook has been away visiting family in China for the last month or so, but has finally returned. We had our favorite: Steamed Buns--and they were delicious. Also, the fact that we're both sort of broke and that our check was only $7.46 went a long way towards making this place a continuing favorite.

All things considered, I'm a pretty lucky guy.